The Hipster was born sometime in 2009 during the worst economic down-turn the world economy has seen to date—- or in recent memory anyway. Never before were companies more vulnerable to answer for their poor business practices. Businesses that provided complicated ways in which to make simple purchases, over-charged and under-serviced their customer bases were exposed as such and simply ceased to exist.

The Hipster is an icon that reflects the new business owner—- post 2009, post the wake-up call that many companies experienced. He is a caricature of the new, redefined business approach that actually listens to what customers want when doing business with them. Not an individual who simply wants to grab your cash and run—- a cool, down-to-earth, entrepreneur who doesn’t believe in high pressure, misleading sales. He is a business person who has something of high quality to offer customers, at a fair price, with genuine, honest customer service to follow. Pretty simple when you really think about it.

Isn’t The Hipster, and by extension Graphipotamus, exactly the person who you would like to do business with? We think so, and hope you do as well.


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